DJS Scaffolding Projects.


Recent Scaffolding Projects by DJS

Perkins - Belmont Forum

New Temporary access ramp from Level 1 carpark to ground floor shop entrance. Was built to engineer requirements including load capacity. Public access use only, so was built with strict guidelines with ration 1:14.

Temporary Roof Cover

Temporary roof structure built over old plant deck for internal works to be completed and re-roofed during winter period. Was to be waterproof and concealed from the public.

SKS - Elizabeth Quay

Fan Protection

Public protection fan built off Level 3 of the new Double Tree by the Hilton over the Lucky Shag Pub. Adhere to engineer's drawings and built to 1:5 KPA rating.

Old Melbourne Hotel


DJS Scaffolding was awarded the scaffold package on the historic Perth Hotel. Access and H/Rail requirements including loading bays and hanging scaffold for external works. Tight access was challenging due to logistics to site on the main streets.

Latitude Apartments.

Latitude Apartments Leighton Beach required full perimeter scaffold and loading bays. Had to work to strict time frames on the structure with 450 ton erected in a 12 week period.

Kwinana Puma Energy.

125m High access towers to fuel tanks. Adhere to strict time frames and safety requirements. The new Puma Energy plant Kwinana, WA.

South Perth Viewing Tower.

24.5m High viewing tower for new apartment building pre-sales. Designed and signed off by engineer for public access. Viewing Deck at 18m and 24.5m high for views of the City. Standalone structure with counter weights and cables attached for wind loading.